Integrated Arts Academy at H.O.Wheeler Home Page
Many children learn through physical and creative experiences. In coordination with its strategic partners,  Flynn Center for the Performing Arts and St. Michael’s College, the Integrated Arts Academy uses music, dance, movement, theatre and the visual arts to help children learn the core subjects. Students may use movement to create the lifecycle of a seed, dance to explore the wonders of the rainforest and use theatre to re-enact the struggle of the civil rights movement.
Community arts partners like Very Merry Theatre Company, Burlington City Arts, and VSA Vermont provide creative opportunities for children to try new things, build self esteem and self confidence to develop a solid foundation for life long learning.
Another key community partner is The Boys and Girls Club of Burlington, a key component of our after school program where students get to expnad upon their learning of the arts.  Visit the Boys and Girls Club IAA after school Facebook Page.