Integrated Arts Academy at H.O.Wheeler Home Page
Mr. Eric's Preschool Class 
Where we play to learn and learn to play
Ms. Emily Stewart's Kindergarten Class 
Welcome to kindergarten, where learning through the arts is celebrated~
Ms. Maggie Plante's Kindergarten Class 
Welcome to the wonderful and exciting learning world of kindergarten!
Ms. Jen Nesson's 1st Grade Class
Ms. Alice Patalano's 1st Grade Class
Find the joy of learning!
Mr. George Leal's 2nd Grade Class
Mrs. Laura Greve's 2nd Grade Class
Mr. Gavin Wallace's 3rd Grade Class
Mr. Mike Gerstenmaier's 3rd Grade Class
Mr. Aurie Thibault's 4th Grade Class
Senora Autumn Bangoura's 4th Grade Class
Mr. Patrick Whitman's 5th Grade Class
Take a moment and join in on the fun!
Ms. Bronwyn Low's 5th Grade Class
Ms. Mary's STEP Class (Studying Toward English Proficiency)​  Grades 1-3
Ms. Lynda's STEP Class (Studying Toward English Proficiency)  Grades 3-5
Children from all corners of the world learning English in a full day intensive classroom.  
Ms. Ada Leaphart, Visual Arts
We are a community of Artists...
Art Blog: 
Twitter handle: @iaaartstudio
Ms. Judy Klima, Arts Integration Coach 
Learn through the lens of the four arts: music, movement, drama, and visual arts.
Integrated Arts Blog:
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Mr. Bill Myregaard, Music
Music Blog:
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  Piper Orwig, Drama
Drama at the Integrated Arts Academy
Drama Blog:
Ms. Danielle Veirling, PE/MOVEMENT
Welcome to physical education/movement! Come get your body moving!
Physical Literacy Blog:
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Mrs. Shannon Walters' Library Site
Twitter handle:  @shannonwa
Ms. Meredith Hoisington, School Guidance Counselor 
Direct phone:  802-652-4214
Mrs. Louise Mongeon, School Nurse
  Ms. Michelle Anderson, School Psychologist
  Ms. Hannah Whitaker, Special Educator, Kindergarten
  Mrs. Ellen McLean, Math Interventionist, Special Educator, Fifth Grade
  Ms. Josh Cronin, Literacy Interventionist, Third Grade
  Mrs. Cassie Dimmick, Special Educator, First Grade
  Mr. Adrian Palatino, Special Educator, Fourth Grade
  Mr. Tyler Samler, Special Educator, Second Grade
  Ms. Amanda Major, Speech and Language
  Ms. Andrea Farley, EL teacher
Ms. Aranka Gyuk, EL teacher
Learning a new language is challenging but also fun. Come see what we are doing.
  Mrs. Kristin Bingel, EL teacher
  Ms. Chaska Richardson, EL teacher
  Mr. Bobby Riley, Principal
  Ms. Teresa Giallorenzo, Administrative Assistant